Pullman staff blows us away

Pullman staff blows us away

I stayed at 33115. A gorgeous area, overlooking the shore! Silent. Room cleaned every day. Looked forward to being greeted by Willie every morning in the sand to be sure our seats were clean. Met Leonora in Collections through buddies. Had plenty to eat for sure, mainly in Buffet. However, the pizza in the 24-hour store is yummy.

Every staff member is continually grinning, very the thing to note. Plenty hot water to our tea and cold water to our beverages. An excellent week.

My spouse and I had been on the Collection facet of the Pullman for Another period from March 1st to March 20th. The minute we arrived at the airport and we are whisked off by Robert at a personal car straight to the reception of this Collection facet and greeted by Ariel the royal and his grin we knew we’d made a fantastic option. The face of Jose Manuel in the 24-hour snack bar was a pleasure to view once more! As we’d arrived late that night, we didn’t have an opportunity to see a lot of men and women.

The next morning and also for the rest of our stay we had been touched by the following staff; Aldecius in the Collection reception bar, Pedro the fill-in bartender in the reception bar, Carlos who was also in the Collection lobby at the concierge, Mairelys who looks after the poolside drinks and afternoon java’s using a broad grin, Yenni, Claudia and Yenelly in the Gourmet restaurant for breakfast along with the snack bar for lunch consistently had a terrific sense of humour.

Michel, the captain of the Gourmet restaurant, never ceased functioning but always found time to talk together and keep grinning (Michel you work hard at making sure that the Gourmet restaurants operate easily and it’s clear ). Buddy aka Dennis in the beach bar always wished to ensure you were happy and ok! Thank you to you all, you’re great!

You do a fantastic job! Thank you, Eduardo, we’ll see another year!

If you’d like peace and would like to visit Cuba, the Collection facet is precisely what you want in Cayo Coco! It is all great in the team and the meals in the Gourmet, into the 24-hour snack bar and personal bar, the pool and also designated shore area for the Collection side! Let’s not overlook the extra bit of a private automobile from and to the airport.

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