Memories Jibacoa Diamond club

Memories Jibacoa Diamond club

We’ve just returned from our first trip to Memories Jibacoa (Mar7-21), and we’re already considering returning this autumn. He appears to be anywhere and is concerned that guests have a fantastic experience.

Twenty visits to Cuba, the team of Memories Jibacoa certainly deserve the favorable reviews they often get.

Excellent experience with the friendly/thoughtful team in any way levels. The lodging and the amenities were with no doubt exceptional. Entertainment throughout the day in addition to at the day was remarkable and complete fun to be part of and also to settle back and watch. Thank you for a fantastic experience, and I hope one day to go back.

A fantastic option for our first time in the Caribbean. 70 Cuc and only one hour from Habana Vieja. Our sea view room was excellent. Massive selection of food. Beer and wine great, no specialist on rum but we appreciated it. I suggest reserving the three other restaurants – be sure that you bring pants with you. Evening entertainment was superb.

Join in, and you also get phony cash that you can utilize in an auction to win prizes like a massage and a bottle of rum. Additionally, I would suggest an increase over the walk in the afternoon. Taxi was 60 cups and one hour 15 into the airport along with the timeless automobile was an unanticipated bonus. Darren and Monica it had been a joy to meet you thanks to your business x.

Usually, we wouldn’t return to precisely the same place but unquestionably will revisit Memories Jibacoa.

Having been to Cuba before we knew what to expect and sometimes there might be a lack of particular things and particularly right now where matters are particularly weak with deficits of cooking oil, flour, and quite a few other staples. Tourists are lucky however because in the main that they never experience the very same shortages as the Cuban people regularly do.

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