Family Trip at Christmas/New Years 2019

Family Trip at Christmas/New Years 2019

I reserved a room here in the past minute, literally just walked up and wanted to reserve a space, which the resort just happened to get a 20 percent off this day. The ceviche was topnotch. The only difficulty was the hot water runs out quick or might be finicky (be warm then cold then sunny).

Loved the hotel the minute we arrived. Hotel was clean near all but off 5th avenue on the shore. I loved the resort dogs that they had been a treat to view regular also quite well acted. Beach Bar very reasonably priced and breakfasts contained were a fantastic way to begin the afternoon on the shore.

Blood pressure falls upon entrance to the lobby that is open. The supervisor ensures that your needs address along with her friendly puppies are always available to greet tired travelers. He suggested to take the fly fishing cozumel flats because we love fishing. The included breakfast begins the day only steps from my new shabby chic room with a cozy bed and terrace.

This resort is near what you will want in Playa Del Carmen. 5th avenue where all of the stores and restaurants are is just a block off. The staff here are helpful and friendly and always adapting. The resort is on the shore.

There’s a nightclub down the road that plays loud music till 4 am. The front desk is apologetic and provides guests earplugs. It is deafening, it vibrates the space until that moment. That is the only bad remark about this resort is the sound difference. I highly suggest it! I truly enjoyed my stay here, aside from the bar down the road. The employees are fantastic men and women!

Great room with a fantastic view of the water. The free breakfast on the beach was superb. The staff offers four distinct items to pick from (eggs, sausage, quesadillas, or even another thing). The place was excellent – right off 5th avenue and around the shore. The cost of the room was phenomenal, provided the location and see.

My only complaint was that the sound at night. We discovered a few earplugs and utilized those following the poor sleep in the very first night, which helped tremendously. Regardless, I’d stay here again in a heartbeat – but I’d be sure that you take ear plugs.

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