Best Italian in Playa Del Carmen!

Best Italian in Playa Del Carmen!

This restaurant is amazing. Right, chef-owned Italian food and the rates are fantastic. My family enjoys this restaurant, can’t recommend it enough. If you are in PDC, you have to attempt Romeo’s!

You need a reservation. Everything from beverages to read was fantastic. It’s a little area, and we had excellent service. It tasted fresh and fabulous.

We found Romeo Trattoria winter 2017 during TripAdvisor, sadly it had been almost before the holiday was over, but we managed to eat two times within 2-3 days, we completely loved the food!

I recall the fantastic food and entirely customer-oriented employees – they are talkable and recommend amazing stuff like the discover scuba diving cozumel tours for groups, and the butler – fixed tables times nevertheless if it had been crowded or fully booked. Now, 1,5 year later we visited Playa del Carmen back and moved back to this restaurant two again. That’s why I’m sharing so everybody should be conscious of this restaurant so that you can have a fantastic dinner on your vacay! 1,5 years later and the food was still amazing, precisely the same butler made it again, fixed tables equally times without reservation (yeah we are extremely spontaneous so never intended a booking ).

I’ve eaten here four times now and can confirm that the employees continue to be quite customer oriented, the butler – (I think he is Italian? Is beneficial through we possibly gave him aggravation coming into the restaurant all four days without reservation through we knew how busy it might be (sorry) and the food, oh my god! We ate different dishes, and all of them tasted completed amazing.

Adding the visits in 2017 was with just one friend and also the last time with another, and we all loved the food and place. Moreover, one last thing, we lived a few blocks off and close to a lot of Italian restaurants, but this one has been worth the walking! I suggested!

Recommended place! Superb service, pleasant, attentive servers and Carlos is this type of patient arrive early before 6-6:15 without a res and you might get seated. Reservations recommended then moment. Well worth it! All portions are attentively individually crafted, so it takes a couple of extra minutes but worth! I discovered another new favorite… the fish ravioli… outstanding and delicious! Crisp wine, beautiful, exceptional salads starters are fresh crusty bread using oil, don’t miss coffee or dessert!

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