Amazing birthday gateway

Amazing birthday gateway

Spent four nights for a birthday gateway using a buddy and we enjoyed our excursion. The resort was terrific, and the staff was quite accommodating. Staff is always onsite, maintaining the house and the resort was still clean.

I suggest performing the hydrotherapy circuit in the spa and also see the pool early in the morning or after the sunsets as there are not many individuals in those times.

The resort is located in downtown, so there are tons of alternatives for food and actions — no significant complaints or problems during my stay. The beverages could have been somewhat more potent because of my liking, but it’s comprehensive, and I know why they could have tasted down water.

There are a couple of cocktails on the menu that I did like and ordered lots of these. The buffet breakfast, along with also the Asian restaurant at the resort, was fantastic, but the food didn’t take some time to be served. There is a lot of shopping and activities to be done downtown so that you’ll always have something to do. I’d certainly return.

Also Karime, a hostess in the restaurant recommended me the amazing cozumel shore snorkeling map for novice snorkelers. It’s my first time staying in an all-inclusive resort, and the workers in the Reef 28 surpassed my expectations. They left my pals, and I felt like royalty and appeared genuinely interested in making our stay in the resort the very best.

I moved to the resort with my buddies, but I am sure the friendly team could have left my experience as enjoyable because of how warm and friendly everybody was. Room was clean and beautiful; the food was yummy, beverages were free and powerful. Excursions were enjoyable!

I had an excellent time in the Reef 28 – outstanding support, food choices, amenities, and also an excellent location within walking distance to 5th Avenue shopping district and the sea. I was amazed at the value of the all-inclusive hotel and would happily return. I highly recommend if you’re searching for a beautiful stay at a reasonable price.

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